A Huge Blessing; Back on the List! Off blood thinner, and Consistent Labs!

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Hello my dear, faithful friends- I cannot express my deeepest apologies as I have realized it has been now 6 months since my last blog. I am truly ashamed and embarrassed by this. I will let you know that I hand wrote this entry while I was awaiting my name to be called in court about 6 weeks ago. I won’t get into the specific details…it was a fender bender and the other driver was a rude, stuck up, potty mouth #@*^*!

It’s been a touch and go year so far where I have spent several days in bed. It could be one of my bad headaches, or stomach issues, to just plain weakness and fatigue. The most I have been in bed would probably be about 3 days. ugh!

I believe I posted briefly on my fan page wall when I was put back on the list. This occurred on Fri, February 3, 2012. What was keeping on hold status, was financial reasons.  I did blog about this in late summer or early fall 2011. Thanks to a wonderful family in my church, I was blessed with the full $5,000. Interestingly enough, this family actually had someone close to them die of kidney failure before the days of dialysis. (I believe). I am forever grateful for them providing this Huge Blessing! What this $5K is for is the premiums to pay my health insurance for 3 years.  Once I get transplanted, I am completely on my own to pay these as currently, I am blessed with the National Kidney Foundation taking care of these monthly premiums.  Due to my lack of working full time and having benefits with a company, $5K has been rather challenging to save for.  Thus, the start of my fundraising efforts last fall. Speaking of, my Tee Shirts are on going and the money raised does go toward my medical expenses such as prescription drugs, co pays, medical bills, in general…

When my nurse coordinator called me on Feb 3, she asked me a handful of times if I was ready for this because it will go fast again.  She thought, it would be within a month or 2.  Wow! At the time, I was hoping it would happen in March because it was National Kidney Month. When March came and went, I was then hoping it would be the 1st week or 2 of April because it was National Organ Donation Awareness month.  I needed it to happen in one of these 2 months as my best girlfriend was getting marriend in late May. I was coordinating her ceremony and also reading scripture and I was not gonna miss the special event! I even contemplated turning down a kidney so I could attend this wedding. I had friends and family unhappy with my decision about this.  Grrr!!! NOBODY understands!!!  At the time that I handwrote this blog, it was 30 days before her wedding and I was getting more anxious. I still hadn’t received “the call.”

I was able to get a 2nd opinion from a Hemotogolist about the need to remain on blood thinner. Praise God! I really like this Dr- not only can I understand what he’s saying, he’s very thorough; communicates with al of my other participating Dr’s and sends them letters. I saw him in Mid March (the day I had the fender bender). Based on his review of my records, he felt strongly that I did not need to be on the blood thinner until post operative of the transplant. Halejuah! He had some blood work done on me to make sure he’s diagnosis was accurate.  I had blood drawn a day or so later and I wasn’t exactly thinking too bright that day. I wore a white blazer. Little did I know that I would bleed through the gauze, through the lining of the jacket and onto the outer material of this jacket. To my horror, it was a “dry clean only” jacket. My whole left sleeve was covered. I dabbed some cold water and then decided to use my Dryel spot remover and and do my inexpensive, at home dry cleaning.  I then, decided to googled blood stains on dry clean only clothes.  Duh!! I should have googled First, prior to just sticking it in the dryer… Let me educate you all, if you don’t know already, NEVER use stain remover of any kind on dry clean only clothing! It sets the stain and heating it in the dryer, makes it worse.  I took it to a professional cleaner and hoped they could fix my problem. My favorite cleaner is not exactly conveniently located, so I have yet to pick up this blazer. I tend to keep forgetting about it.  Ooops!

After receiving my blood test results and then seeing my Primary Care Physician as she’s the one that needs to make the final decision to take me off blood thinner, she did fully agree with the Hemotologist, that I could go off the thinner.  My first thoughts were: I now can enjoy a glass of wine! Amongst other things- broccoli, spinach, cranberry juice, cranberries… Yay!

I am proud to share that my monthly labs have been consistent and I have maintained my levels at the correct number range they are supposed to be. My Nephrologist, nurses, and PCP are all very pleased! So, my wonderful, sweet, boyfriend took me out to dinner to celebrate. We went to a St Louis style cuisine restaurant. I was very careful in selecting my entree. One of my biggest challenges in eating out is the heavy sodium content that restaurants seem to saturate food. I had learned recently in one of my conference calls with Dialysis Patient Citizens, that I can ask for the sauce and dressings on the side; that way, I am in control of how much i use. 

Speaking of my wonderful boyfriend, yes, we are still together. It’s been several months now and we are having so much fun! We have thoroughly enjoyed the very mild winter as it has allowed us to ride the motorcyle more. I even took my precious puppy, Chloe with us on the bike! Yep, that’s correct. We put her in a back pack with her head sticking out and I wore the bag on the front of my chest. We only rode maybe 8 miles to a nearby park. She absolutely loved it! I was trying to see the reactions of the drivers and to my disappointment, not too many actually paid attention.

Chloe is doing well. She just turned 2 in May. I don’t know the exact date as when I adopted her, she was 8 weeks. She’s made at least 3 new friends and sees them about once a week. There’s a smaller dog park near my house that I love taking her to- I find the dogs and their owners are much friendlier.

I thought I would split this blog into 2 since its been 6 months and there is so much to cover. I figured your eyes and your minds would thank me too!;)

Thank you again for your dedicated support in praying for me and the encouraging words you share as well as the love you show!


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