A New Year, Renewed Hope, Writing my last wishes

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Hello my dear friends and a belated Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a lovely holiday season and enjoyed quality time with friends and family.

I have made some changes with the new year and keeping up with my blogging is one of several.

It’s only been about a month since my last post (yay!) and not a whole lot has really happend.

I was quite ill during the holidays as to remind you that my immune system is already down from my chronic kidney disease so it makes it very very easy for me to catch a common cold, and it also extends any illness much longer than the average person. I am not sure what I had but it lasted at least 3 weeks. Luckily, I did not ever have a fever or chills. Just your usual coughing, stuffiness, headaches… it kept me horizonal most of the time. After having symptoms of these three for about a week or so, and noticing the worse they had progressed each day, I decided to call my PCP. It was Christmas Eve and I don’t believe the DR was in. I was not going to go to one of those 24 HR CVS or Walgreens Urgent Care places and explain all of my complicated self to a new person, not to mention pay a ridiculous fee to do so. Nope, no way. I was going to see if I could get an appointment with my Dr that has known me for about 18 years, on Christmas Eve. She just called in an antibiotic to my pharmacy. So, I pick up my amoxicillin and pop a couple pills. About 24 hours later, I am feeling slightly dizzy, quite relaxed, yet coherent. Nothing occurred to me at first, actually, not until much later after Christmas dinner and festivities. I get into my boyfriend’s car so he can take me home. He turned to me and asked, “what are you doing?” I said, something like, “duh, you’re taking me home.” He replied back, “um, duh, your car is right over there.” I had been so oblivious that I literally walked by my own car as I had forgotten that I drove myself. Ha! Now, you know, I am blonde, but, I solely blame this “ditzyness” on the new drug. I remember almost screwing up my dialysis treatment before bed too, but I don’t remember exactly what I did. The next day, I decided I was not going to take the antibiotic during the day because I didn’t want to be out of it. I continued taking the prescription at night for another week, then just stopped it. It probably wasn’t going to be completely effective if I wasn’t abiding by the specific prescribed Dr’s orders. I had gotten better for the most part. New Year’s Eve I felt nauseous and was very dizzy- so I stayed in bed all day, all night and I believe all of New Year’s Day. I enjoyed myself by sleeping and watching holiday movies.
I also took a vacation FROM my “child”, Chloe. Yes, I did. I gave her to a couple to enjoy for about 2 weeks. I needed a break from her. Since she turned 2, she’s been such a pill. Now, for those of you that may not know, this is my first dog that I have owned, so it’s new to me. I think because of my being gone so much, and having to kennel her, she started acting out. After her consistent rebellious behavior of not coming inside after being let out for potty breaks, I had to teach her a lesson and leave her out all night. (I have done this again recently…) Now, don’t go jumping down my throat and accusing me of animal neglect. I tried several times to get her to come in and had no choice. The temperature then, was oh maybe 40 degrees. My friends enjoyed her immensely! Plus, they have space for her to run around- she desperately needed it! When I picked her up, she was the sweet snuggly, obedient Chloe I had when I had first gotten her. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 3 days, and she was back to ornery Chloe. Like I mentioned, I had to leave her out all night a second time. Since her rebelliousness of not coming in, I then, take her out, on her leash. One night, a couple weeks ago, I was going out to get her. I had opened the door, and was unhooking her to let her in. Instead of her just walking into the open door, she turned around and bolted down the stairs. After 3 hours and several attempts luring her in with treats, I gave up. I had to leave her outside in the 15 degree weather. I wasn’t sure if she’d make it. She did have a sweater on. My sweet boyfriend came over about 6:30 that next morning to get her inside. He expected to find a frozen popsicle- she was cold, not frozen to his shocking amazement.
In medical news- My labs were good both December and January. They hadn’t really changed except for my PTH. This is the Parathyroid Hormone which is regulated by phosphorus and Vitamin D. Normally, both Phosphorus and PTH balance each other- when one is high, the other is, and when one is low, the other falls low with it. For some unbeknownst reason, my phosphorus was great, yet my PTH went up like 200+ points. Yeah, the Dr’s exact words were ” I am not going to try to explain this to you, because I cannot understand it myself.” So, when one of my levels goes up or down drastically, my prescription has to change. She increased my prescription of Vitamin D which is kinda funny because I had just called in a refill the day before and my specific pharmacy location didn’t have enough to fill it. Well, I should’ve reviewed my Medicare part D changes for 2013- yikes! This one prescription drug has increased seven-fold. To put in in perspective for you, that’s about 3/4 of a tank of gas for my car. As soon as I returned home from the pharmacy, I dug out my paperwork- sure enough there it was in black and white along with about 3 or 4 other prescriptions that have gone up that much too. My prayers have increased tenfold for a transplant.
I drafted this blog a couple weeks ago and since I have saved it- I came down with the horrible norovirus (a.ka.a stomach flu). Luckily, I didn’t have to necessarily cancel any pre scheduled plans. I sure did not expect to have it 4-5 days. Ugh! Now, I am deeply concerned for my labs next week as I had not only skipped my meds a few days, I skipped a handful of meals,too. I could use extra prayers these next few days for a good report.
I am going to be attending a kick-off meeting tomorrow for a new patient-coalition group through the Heartland Kidney Conference. I am hoping I am not over extending myself with joining another group. I just want to continue educating others and bringing awareness to this much dire need, specifically, the young adults.
Now, for the next topic- writing out my last wishes. I had been given paperwork to have a living will at least a year or 2 ago. I just have been avoiding doing it. It’s not fun to think about since I am still quite young. After getting the call on Dec 8th and scrambling that evening to put something in writing, I have made it on my January to do list, and, have made it just under the wire of the month. Now, I just need a couple signatures and to get it notarized. I will say that I sure don’t really have any assets- I guess that’s a good thing. I have chosen to donate most of my things to either Joplin tornado victims or hurricane Sandy victims. Let’s just hope that there’s not a far worse natural disaster that occurs… I didn’t want to drag this subject on too much; I will, however, encourage all of you to take time and write out your wishes to make things easier for your loved ones. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed for any of us.
Well, I have been sitting here with writer’s block for about 20 minutes as I just didn’t want to end on a sad note. I am so sorry. I do hope I have motivated you to say the least.
I am going to watch one of my shows I have recorded and just chill for awhile… I will write again in a couple weeks.

Thanks always for taking time out of your day to read my blogs and for all your encouragement, love, and support!


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