Excellent Labs! Switching Hospitals; Not Thin Enough…

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Hello dear friends!

Yes, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog…I needed to get the red “fruit punch” bag stuff under control- thankfully, it did clear within the 24 hours. I have had some other personal issues too- I will not get into that.

I have indeed started the coumadin blood thinner.  I have been on it now almost 3 weeks. I mentioned in my previous blog that I get my finger pricked each week to see how thin my blood is getting. Yes, this is loads of fun; especially when they prick my middle finger, ha! Having a bandaid on it makes it automatically stick up…I am very conscientious of not flipping people off; especially while driving. After being on coumadin 5 days, my PCP was suprised my blood had not changed at all- it wasn’t thinning. So, she doubles the dose.  Then, after 10 days, it changed to .1 yes that is correct; point 1%.  She was really suprised that it only thinned that little.  She said it normally does not take this long to take effect.  Of course, I once again have to be “the rare exception…” So, she doubled my dose again.  Now, it has gone up to .6.  Good improvement; not thin enough.

I saw my nephrologist last week and I had excellent labs! My Albumin (protein) is 4.0- A+, perfect score! My Hemoglogin is still really good, 13.5; A++ as normal range is between 10-12. My calcium is good, 9.5; A- as normal range is 8.4 to 10.2. My phosporus is great, 3.0– this dropped down from 6.2 last month.  I have been quite disciplined by reducing my dairy- ice cream, cheese, also chocolate;  and many other things. You have no idea how difficult this is!  My PTH (parathyroid hormone) is excellent! it’s 137; below the normal range of 150-600.  This also dropped from 313 last month.  My potassium’s a little low 3.4; normal range is 3.5-5.5.  My cholesterol’s still a little high: 226; normal is 100-200.  I still cannot fatham this for my below average weight; especially since I have dropped 5 pounds of hidden fluid weight. My blood pressure has continued to maintain normal; even on the lower side.  Since I had excellent labs- my Dr has reduced some of my meds, yay!! I’m taking a half a pill for my blood pressure!

I am feeling pretty good these days- with my iron being back up; I should not be as tired; although some days I am; go figure.  I really do not try to make sense of any of this; I just go with it. If I’m tired, I take a nap; now matter what time of day it is. We all should- after a 20 minute “power nap”; you  feel rejuvinated!

Well, after several months of complaining of my very incompetent nurse coordinator and still not getting the service that I need;  after an interesting coincidence, and the fact that my insurance will change in a couple weeks, I have officially decided to switch hospitals.  My dad had called me a couple weeks ago after he attended a prayer meeting.  He met or got reaquainted with the wife of our famil doctor when we first moved to KC 22 yrs ago.  He had a kidney transplant and low and behold his donor was a pastor that my dad had worked alongside at a church that he was on staff.  What a small world! She spoke extremely highly of this particular surgeon as my nephrologist and social worker had….My dad told her my story and all the complications and lack of service I have gotten.  She told my dad that I need to have my surgery done at this hospital and this particular surgeon will guarantee that I receive a kidney in 4 weeks! I was shaking! Now, I am really questioning my heart and gut– am I really, truly ready for this???

I spoke with the admin and she gave me a rundown of what to expect– I have to go to a class as it’s protocol.  I may have to redo some things like heart test; I really don’t know… I’ll wait until I receive the paperwork in the mail.  Just think, I could have a new kidney by this time next month…

I am still meeting new people and getting in touch with friends from the past that I share my story with and give out my fliers.  Speaking of, I am going to have to redo my flier with my new nurse coordinator’s info.  Oh well!  My picture’s kinda old on it anyway and needs to be updated…;)  I am still touched by the postive encouragement that strangers give me!

That’s all the medical updates. Now for the “fun stuff”… Chloe, my adorable puppy is 1 years old! She gets more playful every day and she’s a very loyal companion.  She’s newly groomed as looks like a soft lamb- too adorable! She’s doing better too- never really quite figured out what was ailing her…I started praying the same scripture verse (Galatians 3:13, “Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law. Therefre, I have been redeemed from (name of sickness).”)) that I have been praying since I read this devotional back on March 14 for myself.  I am very much still believing for total and complete healing; not needing transplant surgery.

Other fun stuff– I have been enjoing going out- whether it’s out to eat; to a movie; a wedding; shopping with girlfriends; birthday parties… my friends are still quite amazed at my energy.  I am still looking forward to dancing again , soon! This I really miss!  Oh and I cannot forget hot tubs, swimming pools, and relaxing baths!

One thing that is challenging now with the summer approaching and going to a lot of barbeque cookouts is the fun “foo foo” drinks like mojitos, daquiris, sangrias, margaritas, and just plain old wine,… I asked the DR yesterday if i can have a glass of wine once in a while. She said no; just a sip. Well friends, have one for me!

I still get asked “when am I due?” I told a lady today, August.  Ha! You should have seen her eyes pop out! I look like I am 4 maybe 5 months along… I do tell them that it’s a hernia from a failed kidney transplant.  Then, you see them swallow a rock and feel dumb.  I reassure them that I am used to it.  Then I share with them that I park in the expectant mother’s parking at the grocery stores.  They commend me.   Some guy told me:” you look like you swallowed a basketball.” I said thank you.  He wasn’t sure how to respond.  I tell him it’s a hernia from a failed kidney transplant.  People are so clueless. They also provide me more entertaining material for me to blog about :)!

Well, I believe that is all for now…

Thank you for the continued dedicated love, prayers, and encouraging support!

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