Life Changes, Kidney Walk, The “Big P”, Tv Appearance, & “Year of the Dragon…”

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Hello my dear, faithful (long lost) friends!

I am re missed that I have left you all hanging for too long… As you you know, I always have a legitimate reason why.

So, as the first topic in my subject heading, “Life Changes”- August and September were full of them. Ending a relationship with “Mr. Right”, finding a new place to live, then moving; and surprisingly, finding new love with someone from my past. “Mr. Right” and I remain friends. For me,  I didn’t feel that we had a whole lot in common after-all. We were in very different places in our lives and had different goals- it just was not going to work well in the long run no matter how hard we forced it.

Finding a new place was very challenging- I had been looking for one since March of 2011. I found one the first part of August and moved in around August 25. It was what I was looking for- a room to rent in Johnson County with a Christian Landlord and welcoming for Chloe-  I got that plus a Christian roommate! Moving wasn’t too bad as I had kept most of my stuff in my storage unit. It was nice to use my living rm furniture again.  It is also nice to have people do all the lifting.:)

I had gotten reacquainted with a guy that I had known 20 years ago! Yes, I know, you all think I was 5 years old then…I wasn’t. I was more like 15. We attended the same church and even would sit near each other as we both came from large families.  He sat behind me and remembers it, it’s pretty crazy! We started to get to know each other during the summer and started dating. Now, it’s been a handful of months later and things are still going great! We have so much in common; we enjoy the same types of hobbies, interests like music, motorcycles- he has one and I have ridden on the back many times. I love it! We have the same goals in life… It’s really great to hang out with his siblings again that I grew up with in youth group 20 years ago. I love his family! And yes, my family enjoys him a lot too!

These major life changes really caused havoc on my blood- it had gotten too thin again and other levels went berzerk.

The Kidney Walk- I had a great team of about 18 people this year- the weather could not have been more perfect for it and I really enjoyed myself this year! I even promoted it a lot more; was better prepared and had my own team shirts, as well as raised a little more money. I am dealing with the NKF’s Regional Director trying to retrieve this money to put towards my transplant fund.  I’ll keep you posted on the outcome…

The “Big P”- aka Peritonitis.  This is the disease that no Peritoneal Dialysis Patient ever wants to get. Well, I had gotten it on November 13, 2011 and had to go to the hospital.  I was doubled over in the most angst of abdominal pain for hours…I had vomited a couple times and had dry heaves about every half hour or less for several hours; causing my stomach muscles to cringe like none other. I thought my hernia had burst inside me or my catheter had gotten wedged up in my rib cage. It never occurred to me that I may have “the big p”. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even do my dialysis that day. This is not good as the toxins just piled up in my body, causing me to become weaker and sicker. God was definitely watching over me though! As I arrived at the ER, I saw my Senior Pastor’s assistant sitting in the waiting room. She asked why I was there and she immediately texted the pastor to have one of the pastor’s come up to pray with me.  So, a few minutes later, the Associate Pastor, Pastor Tom came into the waiting room and prayed with me.  He prayed that I would get into see the Dr immediately, that my pain would disappear, that the nausea would stop, and that healing would begin. He also prayed for physical, emotional and spiritual strength and some other things that I don’t recall.  I was deeply touched and it just never ceases to amaze me that God takes care of me and has the right people available at the right time. I was called back into a room a few minutes later… then, the multiple sticking of the needles to insert an iv tube into me, to only pump me with drugs- drugs to stop the pain (morphine); drugs to eliminate nausea and vomiting…  Then, I had to drink this chalky, thick, yucky drink that is required before having a CT scan.  Blech! Somebody wised up and told them to add sprite to it- it was a little more tolerable. After choking this down, I was wheeled back to have the CT scan, just to make certain that no internal damage was done. So, after an hour or so, I had the results of good news that all my renal organs looked great.  I then, had the option to stay overnight to be monitored or I could return home.  Something inside me told me to stay. I am so glad I did! I discovered the next morning after draining out my fluid, that I had the “big P.” I saw my drain bag- a huge, obvious sign is that the bag is cloudy, not clear.  My bag was terribly cloudy; you could not see through it, even if you shined a bright light on it! Luckily, I was in the hospital because it can only be treated intravenously. So, I was given powerful drugs to kill this infection. These were so powerful that I broke out in a rash- just the top part of my body- I was scratching my scalp raw; I just wanted to rip my hair out! I scratched my face, neck, shoulders, arms…I had to let a nurse know. She then gave me some benadryl. I also washed my hair, hoping it would help. It did. Then, the next morning, I saw that my face was swollen- my eyes were half shut, I looked like I gained 5 pounds in my face! Pastor Tom visited me and prayed with me again as I had left a vm for his assistant letting the staff know my update.  I love my church- the pastors, the staff, and the people!  After being in the hospital a couple days, I was released to go home.  I then had to continue the antibiotics for 10 more days.  For those of you that are not familiar with this disease, basically, I somehow contaminated myself when I did one of my treatments. I have been a lot more cautious since having the infection, making sure I don’t ever get it again.

Tv Appearance- I was asked just a few days before Christmas last year to be on Tv. There is an organization called The Hope Station and the gal that started this fabulous organization was being interviewed on Wed, Dec 21 around the 8 o’clock hour of a local Tv station here in KC.  For those of you that do live in KC, its Fox 4 Morning Show.  I modeled one of the Hope Station’s Tee Shirts.  On the front of my shirt it said “I am…” and I wrote with a Sharpie, in all caps, NEEDING YOUR KIDNEY. On the back of the shirt, I wrote my story.  No sooner had I had left the Tv studio, driving back on the highway that someone had posted on Fox 4 Morning Show’s wall, asking about “the girl needing a kidney” and how they could be a donor.  Wow! I keep telling my friends and the reason I write these blogs, to educate others and encourage them to be donors so they can give the gift of life. I encourage you to check out the 2 minute segment as well as check out The Hope Station. You will be touched by many people, the adversity they have been through and the inspiration they are!

Last topic is The Year of the Dragon. This is MY YEAR! According to the Chinese New Year, 2012 is the year of the dragon.  I am so excited for what will take place this year! I will be getting a wonderful and perfect kidney- I will share more of those specific details in my next blog.:)  I may be blogging for the largest online fashion magazine- the contract is pending as I had to modify it. I will be doing more with The Hope Station and probably my own organization, Carmen’s Runway. I will sell more tee shirts- by the way, you need to check them out! Those that did order one, love it! They love the color, the style, the message and they wear it proudly! I will need to have at least 36 orders to get a new batch printed. Lastly, i hope to get married this year, or maybe at least get engaged.  I may be wishful thinking…. I am not going to jump to conclusions too soon again…;)

I could write so many more details, but it’s not only getting late; I didn’t want to bore you guys.

Happy New Year to you- may it be a great year for you as well!

And as always, thank you so much for the continued love, encouragement and support!


PS- please feel free to comment, or ask me questions. I would love to hear from you!


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